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Intex Tooling Technologies Inc. utilizes the latest engineering systems and manufacturing principles from initial product development through the final tool build. Quality control is at the core of our fully integrated approach. Our starting point is knowledge. Add experience, a proven process, and unparalleled product development capabilities and you have a full-service advanced engineering team that is committed to success.

Project Management

We at Intex Tooling Technologies, always thrive to offer the best Customer Service experience through our in-house, highly skilled Project Management team members.

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Maintenance, Repairs & Engineering Changes

With our advanced skills/expertise in technical assessment and troubleshooting, Intex is capable of overtaking and performing jobs on existing moulds despite their origin.

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Comprehensive Engineering

Our team of Design Engineers is specialized and well experienced in providing comprehensive State-Of-The-Art engineered solutions to our customers Tooling development.

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At Intex Tooling Technologies, we are always investing generously to set a precedent in the Tooling Industry and enhance our rank/position among competitors.

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Advanced Engineering, From Start to Finish

Intex can offer the complete package, from start to finish. Program review meetings and updates communicating project progress and completion dates can be requested at any time. Customers are always welcome to visit and review progress / quality and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

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What’s New @ Intex Tooling

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